If you are working on your wedding timeline, you might be thinking when you should perform your first wedding dance. Should it be after dinner, or earlier?

You will need to consider your special guests, their energy level, the overall flow of the wedding night, and what time you and your family members need to be out of your venue. Let’s go through the options.

Most couples save their first dance performance until after the dinner has finished; however, some prefer to head straight to the dance floor at the beginning of the reception, which is often referred to as the grand wedding entrance.

Many brides and grooms wonder if they should perform their wedding dance before or after dinner time at their wedding reception. Either way works, but you need to assess which perfectly fits into the overall flow of your big day.

At the Beginning of the Reception
These days, most couples prefer to introduce themselves as a loving couple at the beginning of the reception and then head straight to the dance floor for their first dance performance. What’s best about this choice is that the grand entrance creates superb energy and buzz in the hall, and that momentum is sustained throughout the first dance.

Before Dinner Time
Depending on your wedding ceremony’s beginning time and what’s on the menu, it might make more sense to start serving delicious dinner before your wedding dance performance takes place.

If you are going to serve multiple courses, meal service could go well into the evening, so carving out more time at the beginning for dances may not be in your best interest. Even if you are considering a shorter meal, you may feel that it makes more sense to have your wedding dance after dinner. You will have sufficient time for touch up, change into a second wedding dress if you are having one, and relax a little before you become the center of attention on your wedding day.

After the Cake Cutting Ceremony
Couples don’t want to stop the celebrations in order to cut their wedding cake, so by performing your first dance immediately after cake cutting ceremony, you are ensuring that your loving guests know it’s time to start celebrations. This works well if you cut the wedding cake immediately after dinner.

If you are not used to dancing in front of large audience, a professional dance instructor may help you feel more comfortable. Also, Wedding Dance Classes in Sydney serve as a perfect pre-wedding bonding experience.

Make Your Wedding Memorable with Your First Dance Steps
There are many things to stress about when planning your wedding, but dancing together should not be one of them. Most of the couples hesitate to perform on the dance floor. Wedding dance lessons will not only make you confident but also make you a trained dancer. Contact us today to know more about our easy to follow wedding dance lessons.