So, you want to prepare for your first dance? That’s awesome! You are either having romantic feelings of floating around the dance floor in the arms of your someone special or dreading the possibility of an odd dance move in the spotlight.

Regardless of whether you are a dance floor regular, there are a few simple wardrobe tips for your wedding dance you can follow to ensure a flawless first dance on your big day.

Hair Style

Your hair is the element that causes the least concern, but it is important to cover all of your bases. Make sure your dance moves don’t interfere with your attractive up-do or risk knocking off your beautiful hair accessories.  

If you don’t want to take risks, it is recommended to schedule your trial bridal hair appointment on the same day of your wedding dance lesson. It is the perfect way to test your hair stylist’s work.

Wedding Outfits

Men’s wedding suits are mostly buttoned up with the bottom button open. You must pay attention to how the suit fits on you while dancing. During certain dance steps, such as twirling your partner, if your wedding suit does not sit well on you and does not have enough arm freedom, it will tend to bunch up on your shoulder, giving a bad, bulky look. It may also affect your arm and shoulder movement and feel uncomfortable during the dance moves.

Sydney wedding dance lessons

When it comes to the bridal dress, always inform your dance instructor about your dress silhouette on your first wedding dance lesson so they can plan your dance moves accordingly. A dance with long steps will need to be adjusted for a mermaid-style outfit. Gowns will require practice time for the leader to adjust to such a long, fluffy dress.


As with the wedding outfit, it would also be helpful for you to practice dancing with your wedding day shoes or a similar pair with the same size heels. For women who aren’t used to wearing high heels, this is the right time for you to practice high heels. It would be best if you started wearing heels as soon as possible to train your feet.

Men’s shoes are generally quite stiff, so it might be a perfect idea to get started on a neat and clean dance floor beforehand.

Choose comfortable dance with Wedding Dance Classes in Sydney. Smaller dance moves mean more comfortable dancing. Your dance steps should be as close as possible to walking to make your first dance comfortable for both of you.

Choose a Flawless First Dance with Wedding Dance Classes

Be present in the moment and enjoy your first dance. Professional wedding dance classes will get you both on the same track and eliminate the awkwardness factor. Contact us today to know more about our convenient wedding dance lessons.