First dance is a special moment of almost every wedding. Whether you choose something intimate and romantic or pick simple dance moves, choosing the right first dance song is important. Here are some tips to find your perfect first dance song.

Involve your partner to know the common interest.
You have already decided to share each and every detailed planning for your special day, selecting your first dance song is definitely something to do together with your special someone. You both should be comfortable with your wedding dance song and be happy dancing to it, so take some time out of your hectic wedding schedule to listen to tracks, create a shortlist and then pick the one that works best for both of you.

Classic or Contemporary Choice
Classic songs that are used in weddings and receptions again and again may seem repetitive, but they do have their benefits. If you have loved any song for the last five years, you probably will for five more.

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And, if you both love any particular song that came out this year and don’t think you will go off it anytime soon, then this is the reason to choose a newer first dance song. Remember, this is the song that will forever remind you of your big day.

Make it personal
Many couples assume that their first dance song should be very romantic and emotional – it is truly a romantic moment after all. Some couples break the trend and pick a first dance song that is personal to their strong relationship but that won’t turn them to tears, for example- a memory from lovely holidays or the year they first met. This way they can really treasure a moment together filled with special memories.

Choose a beat you can easily dance to.
If you are really exciting and full of confidence for your first dance moment, pick a song that you can really boogie to and consider planning a routine. You should select a first dance song that’s upbeat and has a good beat for everyone to follow. Get the bridesmaids and groomsmen involved and wow your lovely guests.

But if you are unsure about your first dance but want to keep up the tradition, choose a slow dance song. Take Sydney wedding dance lessons and select your first dance song with professionals. From fully choreographed to simple and stylish, there is a first dance package to suit your wedding dance.

Get Ready for Your First Dance with Sydney Wedding Dance Lessons
Preparing for your wedding or big event is the perfect opportunity to learn some fun moves and show off your skills to family and friends. Everyone wants to feel at ease on the dance floor for their wedding. We can help you select the most appropriate style of dance and the right wedding song. Contact us today to know more about our easy to learn wedding dance lessons.