Learning something new comes with a few hurdles. So, always remember to enjoy the process of learning your first dance. After all, these are special moments of your life you will want to remember forever and the lessons can bring you and your loving partner closer.

Just go with the flow and enjoy every part. Here are important tips to keep in mind when planning for your big day.

Keep it Short and Simple

Even for a professional performer, long numbers can be stressful to learn. Dance instructors recommend keeping your first dance moves under 3-4 minutes in the spotlight.

Date Night Dance

Use wedding dance classes as a date night away from the strees of planning your wedding day. Dance classes are stress-free, fun, and romantic. Just relax and spend some quality time working on something together.

Always Remember Your Why

In the weeks leading up your wedding day, spend some time on the dance floor reminding yourselves what the purpose for: learning together, dancing together and having fun together. De-stress, and feel comfortable in the arms of your love.

Take a Break

While repetition is surely going to help you remember the dance moves, take a break to learn something new. Dance instructors recommend taking five minutes of each lesson to add another couple of steps different dance styles. Wedding dance instructors keep you on the dance floor all night long and teach you right moves to keep you going no matter what the DJ plays on your big day.

Your Wedding Attire

Spare some time to discuss your wedding attire. There are certain dance steps you will need to avoid depending on your wedding dress, shoes, and jacket. Suit jackets can be more restrictive than you think and each dress style comes with its own set of restrictions. Your dance instructor will work around your wedding wardrobe to make sure you look your best. Join Sydney Wedding Dance Lessons to ensure the perfect ending to the first dance.

Choose Wedding Dance Classes in Sydney

Join wedding dance classes and feel confident on your special day. Regardless of your experience in dancing we can make you feel like you know what you are doing for your first dance performance. Contact us today to know more about our wedding dance classes in Sydney.