Mostly women have negative assumptions about following role that adds unnecessary issues to the process of first dance preparation. Leader and Follower are the terms for couple dancing only, not for your loving relationship. Simply think of ballroom dancing like a game—while you are dancing, one person acts as a Leader and the other, Follower.

Leaders and Followers are Simply Roles in Dancing

Leading and following role is not about one individual having power over another. Nor is it about males getting to call all the shots or women being passive or submissive. Just because your someone special leads you on the dance floor doesn’t mean they will guide what to do off the dance floor!

Another common problem for the brides is that being the Leader offers their partner more decision-making power over their first dance. The Leader and Follower roles have absolutely nothing to do determining the logistics of your first dance.

You both get same value in how you want your first dance performance to be: the dance song, style of your wedding dance, how many spins you include, whether it is well-choreographed or not. Both of you have equal negotiating power in resolving any difference of opinions you have for your dance moves. Once a decision is made with mutual understanding, then he will be completely responsible for leading it, and you for following it.

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Only One can Lead in Partner Dancing

In the couple dance, only one can lead; otherwise it becomes a mess. Both the Leader’s and Follower’s roles in dancing come with certain responsibilities. When you choose couple dance, you agree to stay within the limits and deliver on your role perfectly.

For example, the Leader’s role is to decide which dance moves to do, give the Follower simple leads, and simply navigate around the floor. The Leader is also responsible for the safety of the Follower and the comfort level—not running her into things, giving breaks between turns and wrenching her arm, etc.

Couple Dance Needs Patience

Many brides are quick to blame their partner during their wedding dance. But the fact is: you two are the players of the same team. When you are preparing for your first dance, it is normal to make mistakes, get confused and to step on each other’s toes. So you both should be patient and kind with each other.

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When both Leader and Follower play their roles, they enjoy their dance what makes couple’s dancing unique and memorable. Join wedding dance lessons and feel confident on your wedding day. Regardless of your experience in dancing we can make you feel like you know what you are doing for your first dance. Contact us today to know more about our wedding dance lessons in Sydney.