The bride and groom may be the focus of the wedding day; however, there is no moment in the whole day where everyone’s eyes are more on you than during the first dance. First dance performance is all about new beginnings.

The first dance performance is an opportunity for the bride and groom to show their unity as a couple and showcase the beauty of their relationship. Also, it is also yet another opportunity for guests to be able to witness the couple’s love for one other which is in essence what having a wedding is all about.

While many people may think of the first dance performance as something merely symbolic, it ends up being one of the main things in weddings that couples need to really focus on each other. Every person in the room will be watching you, but it is also one of the only moments in the day when time will stop still for just a few minutes.

It is for this very reason that you should prepare for this momentous moment. Take time in choosing what dance song matters you most as a couple and which best represents your love for each other and practice beforehand so that when your special day comes, you won’t be stepping all over each other.

Want to end your first dance performance with a bang? Here are a few ways to end your first dance.

The Classic Dip Style
The classic dip is one of the most popular dance steps to end your first dance performance. It is quite easy to perform and look great in the pictures. Make sure to hold this stunning dance pose for a few seconds, that way your photographer can capture this beautiful moment.

The Romantic Lean Move
The lean move is so sweet and romantic. Not only can you use it as an ending of your first dance, you can also add this in the middle of the dance performance as a “highlight.”

The Iconic Circular Dip
The circular dip is a romantic dance move and is perfect for those of you who really want to add magic in their first dance performance.

If you are nervous about your first dance performance, Sydney Wedding Dance Lessons are the single most effective solution you can choose to feel confident while dancing. You will have a clear set of instructions as soon as you hit the dance floor, you won’t worry about looking like you don’t know what you are actually doing.

Learn Amazing Dance Moves with Sydney Wedding Dance Lessons
If you want your first dance performance to be unique, it is important that you know how to dance well. Take wedding dance classes with us to learn new dance moves. Contact us today to learn impressive dance moves for your first dance performance.

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