Your first dance is all about you. Enjoy your first dance as husband and wife, surrounded by your loved ones. Are you worried about messing up your first dance steps?

You are not the first person to get pre-wedding dance jitters. It is quite easy to miss dance steps when you are nervous. Or, maybe you keep forgetting the dance routine because of its length. Here are the useful tips to learn how to dance well on your special day.

Break down your dance steps
Whether you are planning to dance to waltz, foxtrot, or tango, your dance routine will be taught in a particular sequence. There is a chance that your dance instructor will teach you the dance routine in small sections.

Wedding Dance Lesson

As beginners, learning dance moves can become difficult as you progress towards the more complex parts of the choreography. That’s why it is recommended to break down your dance routine into smaller sections. These sections will make the dance steps easier to follow. Subsequently, it will enhance your memorization skills too.
Once you have got the smaller sections, you can perform them sequentially.

Create Personal Signs
Create your own signs to remember which section of the dance routine goes where. Context, sound effects, and personal signs play an important role in remembering the sequence. Remember different signs that prompt you to perform the next step.

Your wedding dance instructors often use lyrics to set the theme of your first dance and what it expresses. Always feel free to ask them for further directions to tackle this aspect of your dance practice. Also, you can create personal signs like non-verbal gestures, visuals, or sound effects to memorize the first dance moves to your memory.

Practice Makes You Perfect
It will surely help if you practice your first dance moves outside your ballroom dance lessons too. Otherwise, you risk forgetting new dance steps and redoing the same ones to learn them.

Consider practicing the routine twice or thrice each day to get the hang of each move and improve synchronization. The more often you dance, the easier it becomes to memorize complex steps.

Your wedding dance instructor make sure you have the confidence to perform one of the most important dances you will ever do.

However, dance classes shouldn’t just be another task on your checklist. Bridal Dance Lessons in Sydney are an amazing way to distract yourselves from the stress of wedding planning, as well a great opportunity to have a laugh together.

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