The ballroom dance style is defined as “two people moving together to music”. A ballroom dance style partnership is made up of a team of two people. The dance partnership might last for just a single dance performance, or it might be a life partner that you dance with.

But when you have two people, there will be challenges. Differences in their styles. Differences in how they communicate. Differences in their opinions. Different goals and objectives.

Men and women think in different ways. It is generally difficult for even married couples to agree on the same point, so that complexity extends to the dance partnership as well. Here are some common mistakes people make in dance partnerships.

Blaming Your Dance Partner

One of the main problems in dance partnerships is using the wrong words for each other. When things go wrong, it is quite hard for most people to see themselves as the main source of the problem. So their words come out, often without thinking: “You made this thing wrong” or “You didn’t do this in the right way.” The fact is it is a dance partnership. Even if it was your dance partner’s fault, you don’t gain anything by blaming your partner.

If there is an issue, you need to focus on fixing it together. You won’t enhance the partnership by putting the blame on each other when things go wrong.

No discussion about problems

Another common dance partnering mistake is when the two people never talk about what is happening in the dance session. It is true that couples practice for long hours without even talking about a single thing that’s going on in their dance session. How can you improve your dance skills if there is a gap in communication?

It is possible that this particular situation happens because of problems like the first one, as a way of heading off the blame game. But it is not the right solution to the problem, because you and your partner won’t be able to improve if you can’t identify what’s exactly working or what’s not and then seek to fix those problems.

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Passive Aggressive Response

If your dance partner does have a habit of blaming you always, step away for a few seconds and let your mind calm down before you resume your dance practice session so that you can do it again with a cool mindset. Discuss the problem with your dance partner. Tell him/her how it makes you feel instead of applying a Passive-Aggressive response.

Are you making any of these above-mentioned dance partnering mistakes? If so, try to solve problems in any areas that need improvement. Mutual understanding is something that creates a solid bond.

The first dance shows the love and unity between the new couple. When you and your partner share a dance floor, you are opening yourselves up to different ways of bonding. Learn easy-to-follow dance steps and spend quality time together with Wedding Dance Lessons in Sydney.

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