Most wedding receptions involve people boogieing down on the dance floor. There is hardly a better way to celebrate your big day. But many wedding receptions also include special dance performances that spotlight special guests.

There is the first wedding dance, where the newly wed couple takes their first spin on the dance floor. During the parents’ dance performance, the couple enjoys a special moment with the people who raised them. Anniversary dance involves couples who have been married the longest and the money dance where attendees surround the lovely couple and slip cash to them.

How do you decide which dances to do at your wedding? Do you want the first dance with your partner, a father and daughter dance, or even a mother and son dance? These are common questions that couples have when planning their weddings. Here are some steps to plan your wedding dances.

Select Your Wedding Dance.
Not every couple opts to perform every wedding dance at their wedding reception. Choose which ones are important a few months in advance so you have enough time to prepare.

Hire a Professional Choreographer.
Many couples want to learn unique dance steps designed by a professional. Everybody has a different learning power, it is always recommended to plan early since things can get crazy as the wedding get closer.

Choose Your Wedding Dance Song and Prepare Your DJ.
Pick the song you want for each different wedding dance performance. Also, make sure your DJ is well-equipped to play it for you and your guests.

The less you need to think about the dance steps and remembering the choreography, the more you will enjoy performing. The first wedding dance, for example, is performed by the newly wed couple. The parents’ dance involves couple and their parents. The anniversary dance performance can involve the longest-married couple.

While some couples like to begin the reception with the first dance and the parents’ dances, others opt to spread them throughout the wedding reception. Regardless of when the wedding dance performances take place, the key is to keep them short.

Most of the newly wed couples hesitate to perform on the dance floor. Join Wedding Dance Lessons in Sydney and feel confident on the dance floor.

Ace Your First Dance Performance with Wedding Dance Lessons
The couple’s performance is the most awaited one at the wedding. Take Wedding Dance Classes in Sydney and celebrate your union with a dance style that celebrates the beauty of your married life. Contact us today to know more about our professional wedding dance classes.