Your first dance performance is one of the most important dances of your life, in front of your family and friends.

The first dance will be the unique moment you will share with your someone special. It is absolutely incomparable – being close to each other and experience feelings of love, excitement and joy, it is a completely new experience!

For you, your first wedding dance is a big deal, but it is not the dance performance that determines your success as a couple.

Sort Out the Technicalities
To make your first dance moment unique for you and your someone special, it is important you sort out the technicalities first. For example, here are few things you both should decide on mutually: Music genre and wedding dance song choice, the dance floor and dancing area, lighting, and other creativities, the music band or DJ, the first dance style, the entrance and exit of the first dance. Having these things in order will make your first dance a smooth experience.

Practice Makes You Perfect
It is quite important that you and your someone special take out time from your tight schedules and wedding preparation to practice some first dance moves and see which dance styles work for you.

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By spending time together, not only are you making loving memories, but you are also seeing how your dancing skills complement one another to create the perfect dance moves for your special day.

Feel Relax and Comfortable
Practice your dance moves in your wedding shoes and see if you feel comfortable with them. Many couples bring an alternate pair of shoes or a change of wardrobe for their first dance!

The main purpose is to be able to dance comfortably with your partner. After all, if your toes are getting pinched inside your expensive shoes, you won’t have fun.

Pick Slow Dance Moves
A slow dance is one of the most popular performances to be seen. Consider sweet and slow Waltz moves.

Slow dance moves are always intimate and that’s what makes them special, you and your partner get to relish in the happiness.

Consider a Dance That Celebrates The Two of You
Most importantly, choose a dance style that celebrates your union. Tying the knot is a special moment and a happy occasion, so treat it like that only.

Take Wedding Dance Classes in Sydney and celebrate your union with a dance style that celebrates the beauty of your married life and looks amazing when performed in all your wedding outfit.

Choose Professional Wedding Dance Classes in Sydney
Learn a dance that reflects your style and lets your personality come through. Feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor with our Wedding Dance Classes in Sydney. Contact us today to make your wedding dance lessons a memorable moment.