The first dance is one of the most memorable parts of any wedding. While just a few minutes long, your first dance is a performance you will always remember for the rest of your life. That’s why it is worth taking extra time to plan your first dance performance.

Whether you want to shine yourselves with the superior glow of a spotlight or dance around under a shower of confetti, there are effective tips to add more shine to your first spin.

Attract Attention
If you want to shine a spotlight with your first dance performance, the first thing you will need is the real spotlight. Illuminating yourselves is an inexpensive way to keep all eyes you as you move around the dance floor. You can even play around with stunning lighting techniques and different colour patterns if you want add uniqueness.

Make Use of Sparklers
If you prefer stunning lighting options for your first dance performance, but want something more, simply ask your special guests to hold up sparklers while you dance around. You will feel like you are performing under the stars, even if you are hosting your special occasion indoors.

Release Colorful balloons
Want to do something unique on your big day? Simply fill a net with colorful balloons and have them rain down upon you as you finish up your first dance performance. Keep in mind you may want to have these all cleared out before your guests join you so that you don’t end your dance steps to the tune of popping balloons.

Consider Fog machine
If you really want to look and feel like you and your loving partner dancing on clouds, choose a fog machine for your first dance performance. This idea is an exceptional idea for your wedding day, but if there is a time to indulge in something creative and different, it’s on your wedding day. Add some lighting and the effect is sure to be spectacular.
Your wedding dance is a magical moment between you and your loving partner. Take Bridal Dance Lessons in Sydney to make your first dance steps impressive.

Make Your First Dance More Special
Choose wedding dance classes to make your wedding memorable. Being able to move around with your loved ones is amazing. Contact us today to know more about our professional wedding dance classes.