your first bridal dance as husband and wife



Congratulations on your engagement! We understand this is an important and special moment in your life.

In the Wedding Dance Lessons in Sydney we can go over your choice of music and editing, type of dance style you like to do, the style of choreography you are after: like romantic, elegant, energetic, passionate, slow, fast or funny. Wow your guests with Sydney Wedding Dance Lessons.

We can also let you know the typical mistakes that happen in a Wedding Dance so you can avoid these and not look like a complete beginner dancer on the dance floor.

Feel confident with the dance moves. Contact us for easy to follow Bridal Dance Lessons in Sydney. Regardless of your experience in dancing we can make you look like you know what you are doing for your Wedding Dance.

If you feel that we can help you and you would like to continue, then we can arrange the package of Best Wedding Dance Lessons in Sydney suited for you to start your tailored choreography for your wedding dance.


Wedding dance classes Sydney

Getting ready for your first wedding dance

You can choose any dance style you like and we can help you out with creating personalized Wedding Dance Lessons in Sydney for you. From fully choreographed to simple and stylish, there is a package to suit your wedding dance. Make a big impression with Bridal Dance Lessons in Sydney.

We can also give you some suggestions and some ideas based on what specific experience you are after. Feel comfortable and look natural on the dance-floor! Contact us for relaxed Wedding Dance Classes in Sydney.

From something completely traditional like the Waltz or something a bit more outgoing like Salsa Dancing. Even a mixture of both if you like. Explore Wedding Dance Lessons in Sydney today!

Our Wedding Dance Classes in Sydney are conducted in a proper dance studio setup with mirrors for you to see your progress at a location only 5 minutes drive from the City.

We are at: Suave Dance Studio, 262 Pitt st. Sydney. Very close to Town Hall station.

Choose us for custom Wedding Dance Lessons in Sydney.

Whichever skill level you have we can help you to look great on the dance floor with a few fancy moves that are easy to learn and that will definitely get the crowd amazed with your dance routine. Join one of the Best Wedding Dance Lessons in Sydney today!

Our instructors have more than 20 years of experience teaching dancing here in Sydney and preparing Wedding Dance Lessons for many couples every year. They are part of the Suave Dance School. Let’s learn some new dance moves with our creative Sydney Wedding Dance Lessons.

Showcase Your Love with Sydney Wedding Dance Lessons

Our freestyle wedding dance lessons is perfect for the couple who don’t want to leave anything to chance. Our professionals will design and teach you a well choregraphed routine that shows off your unique personalities and showcases your true love for each other.

Whether it be learning a few last minute moves or something impressive, our highly trained instructors will tailor the perfect Wedding Dance Lessons in Sydney. Contact us today for Best Wedding Dance Lessons in Sydney. Make your wedding day special with us!




Wedding DANCE LESSON Packages

Silver Package

If you were after

something very simple

and you are both quick learners,

then we always suggest a minimum

of 10 Private Lessons.




Gold Package

Most couples

have around 15 lessons.

Less than this makes you look

less confident and not too good of a dancer

in front of everyone.




Platinum Package

For more complicated

and elaborate dances,

we usually recommend from 20 lessons upwards

depending on how good you want it to look.



Happy Clients

Wedding Dance Lessons In Sydney
“Thanks to the awesome and talented Fernando who made our wedding day magical! Everyone loved our dance and you can tell by the immensely toothy smile I had a ball too! Went by too quickly!!!!!”

Ingrid & Morgan.

Wedding Dance Lessons Sydney

Mitch & Jacqueline from practicing at the dance studio to dancing at their Wedding night.

Wedding Dance Class

“Thought you would like to know that the wedding went well. We got many compliments that the wedding dance was one of the best and it was the most moving part of the whole event. We did add a long kiss at the end of the last dip and get a roaring applause at the end. Anyway it is stored permanently in our memory and form a very special part of our wedding. I want to thank you for everything that you have done for us”

Trinh & Guy

Juan & Jess practicing their moves for their Bridal Dance and looking pretty good after just a few Wedding Dance Lessons.

Samaj & Eshani selected a beautiful Latin Bachata song for their Wedding dance lessons, to create a nice romantic feel for their Bridal Dance.

Wedding Dance Classes In Sydney

A Few Tips For Your Private Wedding Dance Lessons

Here is a few tips to consider before you wneture inot your first Wedding Dance. CLICK HERE!

It’s Going to be Perfect!

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